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Got old gear gathering dust on the shelf? Let us help you sell it in our consignment program! We take the effort out of selling your gear! We’ll list it on our website, Reverb, and Facebook Marketplace, as well as display it in our store, and we can take care of the advertising, buyer vetting, and shipping it to the buyer! All you have to do is drop off your gear and then come collect your check!

How It Works:
  1. Bring your gear in to be appraised by our experts.

  2. Set your desired listing price, your minimum listing price, and any other terms necessary.

  3. We’ll post your gear online and put it on display.

  4. When someone puts an offer in on your gear, we’ll call you and help work out the negotiations.

  5. Once your gear sells, we’ll write you a check!

We pride ourselves in the 80/20 split

Terms & Conditions:

Renown Music offers an 80/20 split on all consignment items. Keep in mind when pricing your items to account for the 20% we take off the top. 9.5% sales tax on the item is paid by the buyer. Renown Music will notify the seller within 2 business days of the transactions when the item sells. The buyer then has 30 business days to pick up their cut of the sale. Funds not collected within 30 business days will be considered forfeited. Renown Music will keep your instrument listed online for one year and on display in our store for as long as space allows or for 90 business days after the item is dropped off. Items not sold within one year of being dropped off will be returned to the seller. Renown Music reserves the right to reject any item for any reason. Renown Music is not responsible for damages to your item.

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