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General Maintenance Pricing
Set up $50/$75
Restring $20/$30
Bone Nut $60
Bone Saddle $40
Fret Level $120

Structural Repair
Crack Repair $20/inch
Finish Drop Fill $20
Headstock Repair $150/$200
Brace Repair $20
Refinish $150/$300

Electronic Repair
Replace Pick Up $30
Replace Jack/Pot $30
Replace Switch $40
Rewire $140
Internal Pickup Install $60

Estimated pricing. Prices are subject to change based on extent of services. 

"Everything about the guitar is my passion. What started out as a love for playing the guitar quickly became an obsession for designing and creating guitars for specific purposes and taste. This led to my pursuit to learn more about my craft through training and certification programs. I possess a certificate of completion from Atlanta Guitar Works. In addition, I have completed gold status training from Taylor Guitars (in addition to Silver and Bronze) as well as completed professional development from PPG (Enviro Base), Gibson Brands, Inc., and Fender Guitars (electric and acoustic). I have specialized knowledge in major structural guitar repairs, full and partial refrets, and woodworking experience in building electric and acoustic guitars.  Before striking out on my own, I served as the Master Tech (e.g., guitars, mandolin, banjos, dulcimers, psaltery, etc.) for the fine folks at Palmer Music Company including major repairs and restorations (e.g., neck resets, bridge reglue, UV finish, replacing tops and backs) and provide luthier services. 

I have provided training and mentoring to technicians and apprentices.  Previously, I led a guitar building workshop for the Arkansas Art Center and have organized a number of other business-related activities as a band member of the popular Little Rock band, Becoming Elephants. These experiences along with teaching guitar lessons and working in guitar retail for more than ten years has contributed to my broad knowledge base of the industry and created several unique opportunities to work with some phenomenal musicians including serving as the  personal technician for Kevin Blake Goodwin (the 2015 international Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Champion), Travis Bowman (the national Ernie Ball Acoustic Prodigy Winner) and provided services for Kris Allen, the 2009 American Idol Winner as well as Zach Myers from Shinedown. In addition, I served as the personal Drum Tech for P.O.D.  In 2015, I attended a number of master classes at Joe Satriani’s G4 experience in Cambria, California. Class instructors included Joe Satriani, Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes, Guthrie Govan, and Mike Keneally among others."  - Brandon

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